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You experience simulate the game with Keyboard move / execute actions. Game modes are following: Sale mode, Jump Moon, Card Game, many more. You have to get as point as available.

Frying pan Dougo Beaches in car trouble repeating. Make sure to fix problem. Not again! Time Lord help your quest attempt to make world fun place.

Hand style by ethiopian child Outsourcing. Do not worry paid in candy / peanut substance. Graphic sheet awarded "Top Star - 3rd prize" by Esperanto Game Club.

Smash pot and pan on wall for melody. Great sound values.
Developer Information
The hit Esperanto interactive simulator "Pato Viro Simulilo" available in English Language. Translate by "The Bopster" and Sam Bloggs in English Language.

Music: Aaron Leibrick
Programming: Jesse Ceranowicz
Graphics: David Nyari
Writing: Justin Traub, Jesse Ceranowicz
Localization: "The Bopster", Sam Bloggs
Special Thanks: Mark Overmars, DrPetter

Release Date
August 25th 2009 (Windows)
Copyright 2011 GZ Storm. All rights reserved.