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Climb the mountain to reach Old Man Winter. At your disposal is a rope, which is used to grip trees, and a snowball, which is used to attack enemies.

Since the game is inspired by the Action 52 game, the description of the old Chill Out was used as a base:

"Old man winter is at the top and is your goal, but it keeps snowing and he's blowing. You must reach the top before you get snowed under."

The story stays true to this description, and you must stop Old Man Winter before you are snowed under.
Developer Information
Chill Out is inspired by an Action 52 game of the same name. The game was made for the collaboration ACTION 52 OWNS organized by Arthur Lee.

Program / GFX: Jesse Ceranowicz
Audio: Martin Pollard
Platform Code: Matt Thorson
Sound Extension: SuperSound (tsg1zzn)
Special Thanks: Mark Overmars
Created For: Action 52 Owns
Inspired By: Chill Out by Active Enterprises

Release Date
September 9th 2010 (PC)
Copyright 2011 GZ Storm. All rights reserved.