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In addition to the newest games found on the sidebar, here are all of our old games in chronological order:
Release Date Game Title
2008, December 15th PotatoMen
2008, September 8th Zelda X's and O's
2008, January 18th The REAL Dilbert
2007, September 20th Potato Chaos
2006, October 4th The Forge and the Crucible
2005, August 6th Potato Fury
2005, April 18th Potato Adventure
2004, November 12th Potato Ship
2004, September 9th Gythol Granditti: The Crypt of Darkness
2004, September 2nd Potato Brawler
2003, January 23rd Downtown in Crazy Town
2002, December 18th The Infiltrator Deathmatch
2002, April 27th The Infiltrator Beta Demo
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