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NOTE: The game is under development. The screenshots are not fully representative of the full version.
Years after overthrowing the tyrant Lord Michaels and becoming the new Lord or Tor Borgh, Geoff Dandy's actions come back to haunt him. The National Guard catches wind of his past and wants him dead, forcing Geoff to escape Tor Borgh or face execution.

You will see many familiar faces from the original GG as well as some new ones in GG:TLE. The story itself follows a rough version of events from the original, but takes quite a shift in terms of where the story is focused. The tone of the game will be similar to the original, but probably more extreme on both ends of the spectrum. In that sense, the best comparison in terms of tone would be Fallout 2, in how it can go from dead serious to completely ridiculous.

A goal with the game flow is to have a variable pace that allows hardcore RPG gamers and casual RPG fans to both enjoy the game. A few ways to make this happen will be opt-in dialog and background information, multiple choices which allow for talkitive and less talkitive players, and segmented cinemas so that you are never sitting around hitting a button for 10 minutes to forward the cinema.

The actual game play will be in hack and slash / adventure game format. This is a departure from the original for a number of reasons. The first being that this game is of such a short length a tactical battle system would only slow the pace of the game. The second being you wouldn't be able to explore the depth of a tactical battle system with so few battles.

Game Info
The game will be about an hour in length. This is to ensure the game has a short development time so that the concepts and ideas can be experienced by the player and to gauge interest in the GG series. Player feedback is very important on this title, as the future of Gythol Granditti series depends on it. The main elements on display in this title are the new graphical style, story and characters, and the overall pace and feel of what the series would be.

If you have any feedback, comments, or suggestions for the game / series, send us an e-mail telling us what you think.

Release Date
Early 2013
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