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Pozzo Released

Posted by Jesse Ceranowicz on 2015-09-01 // pozzo, laz, gzstorm, windows, steam, pc
TEST! TEST! TEST! Another game, another GZ Storm collaboration, this time with finnish "ihmepoika" Laz. After 10+ years, the remake no one asked for is finally here! Pozzo Jello Crusade has you battling for your soul as you chomp on jello and uncover the mystery surrounding an upcoming routine health inspection. This is our first game on Steam, so that means you can brag to your friends about getting the Reginald Dream Angel emotion and trade cards to your hearts content.

We are doing a highly controversial sales technique that our non-existent sales department warned us about... A 99.99% off sale! You can grab the game for $2.99 USD, off the regular MSRP of $29,999! QUANITITES ARE not LIMITED! CLICK TO BUY POZZO THIS INSTANT!

Payroll Released

Posted by Jesse Ceranowicz on 2015-11-10 // payroll, astrojone, gzstorm, pc, windows 95
Do you like games? I suspect you might. Myself and development pal Quackgyver of Astrojone have recently finished a game called Payroll. If you like old school 3D games, you will certainly want to check it out. Don't believe me? Just take a gander below:

Think you got what it takes to be an office worker? For a cool $1, you too can own this one of a kind experience... Just head on over to to the official Payroll page and check it out.

Let's Learn Japanese: Deluxe Announced

Posted by Jesse Ceranowicz on 2012-12-15 // lets learn japanese deluxe, pc, xbox, ps vita
It's been over 2 years since we released the first Let's Learn Japanese game. The response for it was greater than we could have ever imagined, and after getting so much support and requests for a sequel, it was only a matter of time before we finally decided to continue the series. With Let's Learn Japanese: Deluxe, we have upgraded every feature and have included more content to create a more fully featured experience. The game is geared towards those who are interested in understanding basic written Japanese, those who are already studying Japanese, and for people who want to build their vocabulary.

Below is a feature breakdown:
- Extensive review mode that includes spoken pronunciation and stroke order.
- Contains all 102 Hiragana and Katakana, all 2136 Grade 1 through Grade S Kanji, and over 1700 common words.
- Test yourself using a flashcard or quiz interface.
- Choose which areas you would like to test yourself on, with recorded progress to indicate your retention level.
- Contains information for beginners to help get started in learning.

The game is scheduled to launch on XBOX 360, and PC early January 2013, and following after that is PS Vita version late January 2013.

For those following our development progress, this game has two purposes. First, we have recieved such an amazing response to the original, it was impossible not to make a sequel. We believe this game will add everything missing from the original and more. Going beyond that, we've just started to change the way we handle development for our projects. We are now in a situation where we can work on bigger projects, but this presents another problem. In order to make our projects of higher quality, we need to invest money to buy resources. As a result, a portion of profits from new releases such as LLJ:D are going to go back into funding our projects, our current project being Gythol Granditti.

Eclectic Delights Bundle

Posted by Jesse Ceranowicz on 2012-12-06 // the 4th wall, bundle in a box, pc

A great bundle is going on over at the Bundle in a Box site, where you can get 5 games at a pay-what-you-want price ($0.99 minimum). If you pay above the average, which is currently at $2.67, you will get an additional 4 games! The games are:

Pay $0.99 or more and get:
Elegant RTS War of the Human Tanks (Windows/Desura)
Lovecraftian yet cute platformer Eversion (Windows/Mac/Steam)
Gloriously pixelated adventure/strategy Delve Deeper (Windows/Steam)
Russian horror offering Fibrillation (Windows /Desura)
Point-and-click mystery Shadows of the Vatican, Act: I (Windows/Desura)

Pay above the average and get these bonus titles:
Award winning platformer Adventures of Shuggy (Windows/Steam/Desura)
Surreal horror game The 4th Wall (Windows)
FMV rhythm-action-fighter Stay Dead (Windows/Mac/Desura)
Retro-tastique, hilarious maze-‘em-up Flibble (Windows)

One of our games, The 4th Wall, is included and it's exciting to be a part of this bundle. It's also an amazing deal for gamers who enjoy bizarre and strange games. The bundle has proceeds going towards charity as well as the Indie Dev Grant, which is a great program set-up to help independent developers.

The Eclectic Delights Bundle ends on the 18th of December, and you can get more information on the games at the official Bundle in a Box site. All in all, this is a win-win situation for everyone and I highly recommend you check it out!

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