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Game Information
How smart are you? Take this IQ test and find out! Features include a detailed IQ breakdown, question generation that allows for retesting, and a full length 50 question test.

- Detailed IQ report, with a breakdown of intelligence categories.
- Full length 50 question IQ Test gives greater IQ accuracy.
- Question generator makes every test unique, making it possible to retake the test multiple times.
- Only 80 MSP / $1 USD.
Developer Information
How Smart Are You? IQ Test is the 2nd GZ Storm release on X-Box Indie.

Jesse Ceranowicz

Release Date
July 22nd 2010 (XBOX 360), September 1st 2010 (Windows)

To those who bought the game and want the PC / XBOX version
Send an e-mail or comment to us and include your e-mail and the version you want (PC / XBOX), along with the last sentence of the Mental Efficiency category in the test results of the full game. This can be seen by going to Last Score from the title screen, then pressing down to get to the Mental Efficiency category. We will send you a free download code in about 24 hours.
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