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Pozzo Released

Posted by Jesse Ceranowicz on 2015-09-01 // pozzo, laz, gzstorm, windows, steam, pc
TEST! TEST! TEST! Another game, another GZ Storm collaboration, this time with finnish "ihmepoika" Laz. After 10+ years, the remake no one asked for is finally here! Pozzo Jello Crusade has you battling for your soul as you chomp on jello and uncover the mystery surrounding an upcoming routine health inspection. This is our first game on Steam, so that means you can brag to your friends about getting the Reginald Dream Angel emotion and trade cards to your hearts content.

We are doing a highly controversial sales technique that our non-existent sales department warned us about... A 99.99% off sale! You can grab the game for $2.99 USD, off the regular MSRP of $29,999! QUANITITES ARE not LIMITED! CLICK TO BUY POZZO THIS INSTANT!