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Sewer Goblet plays like a roguelike but is much more simple. The amount of keys in the game is reduced and there is an easy to understand interface. Traverse multiple levels, gaining items and experience as you battle foes. Choose from 1 of 9 characters (of the Wu-Tang Clan) each with unique attributes.

What seems like an ordinary day is turned upside down when a baby arrives at the doorstep of the Wu-Tang Clan. Naturally, they take the baby in and treat it as their own. Little do they know, the baby has a very powerful necklace and an Evil Wizard sets out to attain it. He sends his Cheese Panda XD to capture the baby, and once they notice the baby is missing, they set off into the sewers to regain the Wu-Tang Baby.
Developer Information
This game was a collaboration with Tales of Games Studios and made in 10 days. The official name is The Sewer Goblet - The Wu-Tang Clan and the Wu-Tang Baby.

Programming - Jesse Ceranowicz
Graphics - David Nyari
Story / Music - Chef Boyardee
Music - Daniel Norstrom / Drule
Release Date
April 27th 2008 (PC)

There is a small memory leak present in the game, which can degrade game performance after multiple play sessions. To fix this and free the memory, simply quit the game and reload it after every 10 or so play sessions.
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