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Game Information
Explore the Solar System in 4 dimensions -- in space and time. Features 40 photos of planets and space, 10 information pages, date browsing between the years 1 and 4000, and more.

- 10 information pages.
- 40 photos of planets, moons, asteroids, and space.
- View the solar system from January 1st 1 to December 31st 4000.
- Follow planet feature.
Developer Information
Solar System 4D is the 4th GZ Storm release on X-Box Indie.

Game: Jesse Ceranowicz, Julian Ceranowicz
Writing: Jason C. Harris
Music: Kevin MacLeod
Planet Textures: James Hastings-Trew, Bjorn Jonsson

Release Date
March 5 2011 (XBOX 360), March 14 2011 (Windows)

To those who bought the game and want the PC / XBOX version
Send an e-mail or comment to us and include your e-mail and the version you want (PC / XBOX), along with the first 8 words on Uranus' information page of the full game. We will send you a free download code in about 24 hours.
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