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Game Information
What lies beyond The 4th Wall?

Support Notes
FALSE POSITIVE: Some Anti Virus' will flag this game as a virus. This is a false positive. Updating your virus definitions to the latest can solve this, if not, you will have to ignore the warning or disable your AV when installing.

WINDOWS 7: If the game doesn't install correctly, be sure you allowed the program to make changes to your system when first opening the setup. If you still have problems installing it, right-click the setup file and choose "Run as Administrator".

The 4th Wall is a remake of a prior version of the game. The older version has more basic graphics and less content as it was made in a short period of time.You can download that version here: The 4th Wall (Old Version). It's recommended you do not play this version first if you intend to play the new version. Play the new one first, then this one.
Developer Information
The 4th Wall is the 8th GZ Storm release on X-Box Indie.

Jesse Ceranowicz

SFX by Freesound.org users:
klankbeeld, erdie, ERH, FreqMan, mrmccormack, Incarnadine, suonho, gezortenplotz, hello_flowers, zolopher

SleeK GeeK

Release Date
August 8th 2012 (XBOX 360, Windows)
Copyright 2011 GZ Storm. All rights reserved.