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Let's Learn Japanese: Deluxe

A language learning game that helps teach Japanese. Learn Hiragana and Katakana, Kanji, and 1700+ common words using Quiz, Flashcard, and Review mode. It also includes spoken pronunciation and stroke order!

Fear Protocol: Codename Omega

It's a nice dark day in Escondido, California and special agent Jack Banger and his superior Gilbert Simpson are planning their next operation. Their life of luxury is soon interrupted however when strange biomonster creatures start appearing...

Warlock Bentspine

It's a bleak sunny day in Stinker City and Warlock Bentspine and his corrupt mayor friend Burger Jeff are plotting new schemes to raise taxes on the paupers. Their diabolical scheming is soon interrupted however when a bomb goes off in a local news station.

Vidiot Game


Dingletopia: Nation Under Siege (by Orcs)

It's a nice sunny day in Dingletopia and Prince Dingle Dorfen and his wise adviser Forlorn Gumpel are slurping up the gorpulsen and planning their next conquest. Their life of luxury is soon interrupted however when Orcs burst into the lands with rattling sabers.

Gythol Granditti: The Crypt of Darkness

It's a nice sunny day in Tor Borgh and aimless lout Geoff Dandy is woken up by his best mate Dolph Dombardo raging incoherently about going to the Jiggly Swamp. Saving Dolph from doom sets in motion events that lead to one question...

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