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Each and every character that joins your party will be skilled with one weapon in particular and it'll be the only weapon that he'll be able to use. Characters also have a specific armour class denoting the armour that they are allow to use, like heavy or light. Moreover, your characters will have certain skills that are unique to them, that no one else will possess; the skills range from combat moves to magic attacks.

All battles are preset in the game, there are no random battles. The battles take place on the scenery where the characters stand opposed from travelling to a new screen or board. The battle system itself is grid and turn based. Strategy should play an important factor in all battles as attacks from behind and to the sides will be more damaging than attacks facing your enemy.

The menu system.

There are 40-plus unique character sprites in Gythol Granditti. Now, that may not seem like such a feat if we used ripped graphics, but all graphics in Gythol Granditti are 100% original; you won't see them anywhere else. The graphics may not blow your mind; we decided to go for a different style, not the classical head-is-as-big-as-the-body sprites. However, the detail in Gythol Granditti is high, with well over 1,000 sprites (which themselves, contain more sub-images) you'll have a distinct feel for the world.

Geoff at the Aulds Farm.

Another big feature in Gythol is the amount of dialog in the game. At different points in the game characters change their lines to relate to your assignment, or just ramble about something else than previous. They even change their positions in the world to relate to what they are doing. Considering how many characters are in the game, you could spend hours to achieve every bit of dialog in the game from every character.

For the main story, you play as local lad Geoff Dandy, a citizen of Tor Borgh since his birth. One day, as Geoff is enjoying a good sleep, his friend of one-too-many years, Dolph Dombardo, barges into his house, in a drunken stupor, raging on about something incoherent. Finally Dolph leaves mumbling about teaching jelly cubes a fatal lesson.

This is when their adventure begins. Geoff's first mission is to find his friend Dolph. This is not a serious story. It's not meant to be a comedy-fest either. It is a light-hearted RPG.

Developer Information
Gythol Granditti was planned to be a series of games, each one adding a new area to the game with the ability to go back and interact with the older sections of the game world. The first, and only released Gythol Granditti, The Crypt of Darkness, took a year to develop and shortly after the series was cancelled to pursue other projects. The project was initially inspiried by the Shining Force series for the Genesis.

Game - Jesse Ceranowicz

Release Date
September 9th 2004 (Windows)

If you are stuck in the game, there is an official complete game guide for download: GytholGrandittiGuide.zip
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